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Each release of Facebook API contains 2 files FacebookAPI.dll and FacebookAPI.dll.xml

  • Contains all classes required to interact with Facebook
  • All classes come under 3 namespaces named "Manager","Objects","FacebookProperties"
  • Manager contains manager classes with which you can do interaction with Facebook
  • Objects contains classes which represents various Facebook objects like Events, Post, Comments etc.
    • Album
    • Comment
    • FacebookEvent
    • Note
    • Page
    • Photo
    • Post
    • StatusMessage
    • User
  • Facebook properties contains object classes that are used inside various Facebook objects.
  • Global : Contains enums representing various Facebook statuses

  • This configuration file contains all settings that are required for the API to work properly.
    • At present it contains only one key "GraphBaseUrl" with value ""
    • If you already have a configuration file in your project just add a new key "GraphBaseUrl" with the above value in <appSettings> section

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